How long have you worked with DS?

I have been with DS for 1 month as of tomorrow.

What is your favourite part about working for DS?

My favourite part of the job is the diversity of my working day, the stellar people I work with and the memorable conversations I have with seniors.

Tell us a bit about your program:

The TAPS program is a program sponsored by the United Way Healthy Aging, designed to connect seniors experiencing isolation, connecting them to friends, family and the community at large. We are in the start-up stage where I am designing programs for connecting seniors via teleconferencing(due to Covid). The next stage will be developing a tablet lending library where seniors will be able to borrow a tablet and get training on how to use the device. This will allow them to stay connected to friends and family, access important internet safety protocols and how to avoid fraud, as well as give them access to health and wellness information, the business community, and government agencies. When Covid restrictions are lifted programming will include in-person social gatherings for seniors. Behind the scenes I am reaching out to volunteers, formalizing volunteer training and safety protocols and fundraising for the program.